Farmers working in a crop field



In 2022, Senegal demonstrated medium capacity in its data use. Senegal had conducted annual agricultural surveys for decades and was increasing its work further with the support of the 50x2030 data production team and other agencies. The Senegalese government was also prioritizing work on open access platforms and established policies to protect individual’s personal information. These efforts were reflected in Senegal’s score on the World Bank’s Statistical Performance Indicators that was higher than most other countries in Francophone West Africa. However, Senegal was still facing significant challenges that limited stakeholders’ abilities to effectively make data-based decisions.  In particular, the country (1) remained unable to produce data linked to some key SDG indicators, despite its annual surveys; (2) faced severe technological limitations including internet connectivity, especially in more rural areas; and (3) worked with slow data collection processes that were not cost effective. These roadblocks existed despite a strong need for quality data to monitor and ensure progress towards national development plans, creating a need for improving the Senegalese agricultural data ecosystem. 


Major Milestones

The 2021-2022 Enquete Agricole Annuelle featured the integration of the ILP module (Farm income, labour and productivity) for the first time. The introduction of this module makes it possible to collect the information necessary for the calculation of SDGs 2.3.1 and 2.3.2. In addition, the basic module of the 50x2030 questionnaire allows the collection of data for the calculation of SDG 5.a.1 and CAADP indicators (3.1i, 3.1ii, 3.2i, 3.2ii, 3.2iii and 4.1i).


Available Surveys and Microdata

Enquete Agricole Annuelle (2022-2023) Final Report

Enquete Agricole Annuelle (2022-2023) DDI Metadata

Enquete Agricole Annuelle (2022-2023) Microdata Files

Enquete Agricole Annuelle (2021-2022) Final Report 

Enquete Agricole Annuelle (2021-2022) DDI Metadata

Enquete Agricole Annuelle (2021-2022) Microdata Files