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Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group provides advice and peer review services for the 
consideration of the Partnership Council.

Professionals are invited to the Group based on technical expertise in agricultural or rural 
statistics, including survey methodologies, data management and data analysis.

At least half of Group members come from academic institutions, such as universities and 
research institutes, and at least one member is a gender expert because improving 
gender-relevant data in agriculture is an important objective of 50x2030.

  • Inbal Becker-Reshef

    Associate Research Professor, Co-Director Center for Global Agricultural Monitoring Research; Director (NASA Harvest), University of Maryland; NASA Harvest Project

  • Samuel Benin

    Deputy Director for Africa, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

  • Alain de Janvry

    Professor, Center for Effective Global Action Berkeley

  • Andrew Dillon

    Clinical Associate Professor within Kellogg’s Public-Private Interface Initiative (KPPI); Research Associate Professor in the Global Poverty Research Lab, Buffett Institute, Northwestern University

  • Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva

    Former President of International Statistical Institute

  • Cheryl Doss

    Senior Departmental Lecturer, Oxford University

  • Mercy Kanyuka

    Commissioner, Statistics Malawi

  • Benjamin Koetz

    Exploitation Engineer, European Space Agency

  • Miet Maertens

    Professor in Agricultural and Development Economics, University of Leuven in Belgium, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Division of Bio-economics

  • José Molinas Vega

    Chief Economist and Academic Director, Development Institute

  • Emily Schmidt

    Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute

  • Aberash Tariku

    Deputy Director General, Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia