Woman standing in a field

Burkina Faso


With the signing of the Program Implementation Plan (PIP), Burkina Faso joined the 50x2030 Initiative in April 2023. A Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) was conducted at the start of partnership, including key informant interviews within the Burkinabe Ministry of Agriculture, to understand country needs related to the use of data for agricultural policy development. This Assessment contributed to the production of the country's Data Ecosystem Mapping, which studies how and how much of agricultural data are being used by mapping the interactions between key stakeholders and by evaluating the main factors that enable and constrain data use for decision making.

Efforts are currently underway to collect agricultural survey data, conduct technical assistance, and organize trainings to promote data use within key stakeholder groups in support of country-specific policy objectives. Initial survey results are expected this year, with additional activities planned through 2025.

50x2030’s support also contributes to Burkina Faso's involvement with an ongoing IDA project with the World Bank called Harmonizing and Improving Statistics in West Africa, or HISWA