Workshop attendees posing in front of banner

In Burkina Faso, Training Workshop Promotes Media Participation in Agricultural Policy Dialogue

The 50x2030 Initiative recently travelled to Burkina Faso to conduct a training and awareness workshop focused on interpreting and communicating about agricultural data. The Data Use component of the 50x2030 Initiative supported the Ministry of Agricultural, Animal and Fisheries Resources (MARAH) of Burkina Faso to organize this workshop on 11-14 March 2024 in Koudougou.

Workshop attendees included journalists and media actors who were seeking to better understand the agricultural statistics system and its potential important value for them. The participants were from different media firms and were trained on how data are being produced and how to effectively use the results for articles and journals. Attendees were also trained on the importance of the media in participating in policy dialogues, mainly in the agricultural sector in Burkina Faso.

Some articles published about the workshop can be found here: "Utilisation de données agricoles : Une dizaine de journalistes à l’école des bonnes pratiques."

Actualite.BF: "Utilisation des données agricoles : le FIDA et le MARAH outillent des journalistes et communicateurs."



The Data Use component of the 50x2030 Initiative is led by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The 50x2030 Initiative focuses on improving country data by developing a fit-for-purpose, integrated and financially sustainable agricultural and rural survey program that fosters a culture of data use for decision-making to support agricultural sustainability and rural development, address food crises, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.