With nearly half of 50x2030 countries identified, the Initiative launches next call for applications

On July 20, 50x2030 will open its second official call for applications from countries wishing to partner with the Initiative.

Countries will be able to apply though a downloadable PDF form, available on the 50x2030 website with detailed instructions for completion and submission.  

As with the first application window opened in February 2021, countries will be assessed based on their agricultural statistics capacity, potential impact of 50x2030, and financial and technical capacity to sustain and take over the program.  

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of representatives from the Initiative’s three implementing agencies – World Bank, FAO, IFAD – and the 50x2030 Program Management Team. The committee will then make a recommendation for endorsement by the 50x2030 Partnership Council and countries will be alerted to the final outcome by December 2021. Countries endorsed in this July 2021 round of selections will be formally partnered to the Initiative starting in 2023. 

Following the February round of applications, Burundi, Bhutan, Haiti, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guinea, Indonesia and Mozambique were selected to join the Initiative, bringing to 24 the number of 50x2030 countries either implementing activities, planning their 50x2030 program or initiating formal partnership. In addition, with the February round, the Initiative established its presence in all three target regions: East Asia and the Pacific, Central Asia and South Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East and North Africa; and Latin America and the Caribbean.