Complete, updated 50x2030 questionnaire package now available

A second round of 50x2030 questionnaires has just been released, including the Production Methods & Environment (PME-AG), thereby completing the package of 50x2030 questionnaire instruments for the collection of agricultural and rural survey data.

The full package is composed of the CORE-AG tool and additional specialized instruments that may be added according to country needs and capacity. In addition to the completion of the PME questionnaire, this release includes refinements and marginal revisions to the CORE-AG, Farm Income Labor and Productivity (ILP-AG), Non-Farm Income and Living Standards (ILS-HH) and Machinery, Equipment and Assets (MEA-AG) questionnaires. 

All changes made to the CORE-AG questionnaire were carried through to the other questionnaires such that the most recent CORE-AG questions are included in all the newly released questionnaires. One notable revision in this release is the shifting of the measurement of permanent crop production from the plot level to the parcel level.

The 50x2030 questionnaire package can be accessed here. The package will be updated on a regular basis to account for the latest methodological research and feedback from countries following implementation.