Photo: Arne Hoel/World Bank.

50x2030 questionnaire instruments

The 50x2030 Initiative’s survey system with its two programs – the Agricultural Program and the Integrated Program – consists of a package of tools, composed of the CORE-AG tool and additional specialized instruments that may be added, according to country needs and demands. For a detailed explanation of each questionnaire, please refer to the document “A Guide to 50x2030 Data Collection_Questionnaire Design” on this same website page.

The most current version of the survey instruments, which will be updated as necessary, is available at the links provided in the table aside:

1. CORE-AG: all versions of the annual CORE questionnaire.DownloadV 1.0
2. ILP-AG: all versions of the Farm Income, Labor and Productivity questionnaire, within which the CORE questionnaires are included.DownloadV 1.0
3. ILS-HH: Non-Farm Income and Living Standards Household questionnaire.DownloadV 1.0
4. MEA-AG: all versions of the Machinery, Equipment, and Assets questionnaire, within which the CORE questionnaires are includedDownload1.0
5. PME-AG: all versions of the Production Methods and Environment questionnaire, within which the CORE questionnaires are includedComing soon
6. Optional Extensions: potential expansions for countries that wish to or are able to collect more disaggregated or objectively measured data.DownloadV 1.0

For each questionnaire in folders 1 and 2, there are several versions including: (i) non-household sector version, (ii) post-planting (PP) and post-harvest (PH) versions for the household sector; (iii) a minor season version for the household sector; and (iv) a one-visit version for the household sector.