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50x2030 Advances the Preparation of the National Agricultural Sample Census in the Gambia

Following the recent launch of programming in the Republic of the Gambia, the 50x2030 Initiative has begun to provide technical support in country in preparation for the 2025 National Agricultural Sample Census (NASC). These efforts are part of the broader technical assistance program under 50x2030, which aims to produce timely, high-quality agricultural data that meet the country’s needs and align with its main development targets.

According to the Program Implementation Plan signed earlier this year, the Gambia is receiving technical assistance to design and implement four rounds of annual agricultural surveys, following the 50x3030 agricultural survey modules.

In this context, the Data Production component of the 50x2030 Initiative, led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), organized a technical workshop in collaboration with the Department of Planning (DOP) of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBOS). The workshop, held on May 20-24 in Banjul, focused on reviewing and validating NASC survey instruments, including questionnaires and manuals, designed to ensure accuracy and consistency in data collection activities. The primary objective was to equip national stakeholders with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively advance with the NASC 2025 implementation.

As part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the capacities of DOP and GBOS experts, the Data Production component has scheduled two additional training sessions in June 2024. These sessions will focus on data processing and analysis using STATA and on sampling methodologies.

By the end of these series of workshops, participants will be well-prepared to handle the various aspects of the survey process, ensuring the successful production, analysis, and dissemination of agricultural statistics. This data will provide crucial evidence to inform policy makers.