Government officials and PMT at launch

On Mission to the Republic of the Gambia, the 50x2030 Initiative Launches Programming

A delegation comprised of the 50x2030 Initiative Program Management Team and representatives from the World Bank travelled to Banjul in early February to meet with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Gambian Bureau of Statistics (GBoS). The main objective of this mission was to finalize the program and the calendar of activities of the 50x2030 Initiative, sign the Program Implementation Plan (PIP) and constitute the Country Coordination Group that will lead the activities of the Program in the Republic of the Gambia.

The activities of the 50x2030 Initiative aim to provide technical assistance to GBoS and the Ministry of Agriculture to improve the production and analysis of agricultural data and to support the implementation of new agricultural statistical products.

In receiving the approval and signature for the Program Implementation Plan, the 50x2030 Initiative expands our commitment and support for HISWACA, the World Bank’s program dedicated to Harmonizing and Improving Statistics in Western and Central Africa. The implementation of the agricultural survey program under the HISWACA World Bank project will produce foundational agricultural data and contribute towards improving its availability, timeliness and quality, addressing the limited availability and quality of agricultural data in the Republic of the Gambia and strengthening the country’s agricultural statistics system.

The 50x2030 Initiative would like to thank the Gambian authorities, in particular the Honorable Permanent Secretary Mr. Mod A.K Secka, The Honorable Vice-Permanent Secretary Alhagie Nyangado, the Honorable Director of Planning of the Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Francis Mendy, the Honorable Statistician General Mr. Nyakassi, and the representatives of all the structures involved for their availability and strong involvement during the mission.