GEORGIA prepares preliminary estimate on SDG 2.4.1 indicator on productive and sustainable agriculture

Results of the 2021 Survey of Agricultural Holdings was released by the Geostat or national statistical office of Georgia on 1 November 2022 with an important breakthrough in compiling indicator on productive and sustainable agriculture, specifically SDG 2.4.1. Through the 50x2030 Initiative’s support and technical assistance from the FAO, the country carried out the survey module on Production, Methods and Environment that allows generation of data to measure SDG 2.4.1, equipping policy makers and data users with better-quality information on the sustainability of the country’s agricultural landscape.

Georgia is one of the leading countries that estimate indicators to report on the Sustainable Development Goal 2 on Zero Hunger.  SDG indicator 2.4.1 in addition to those on labour productivity (SDG indicator 2.3.1) and income of small-scale food producers (SDG indicator 2.3.2) have been estimated by the country following the expansion and improvement in the annual Survey of Agricultural Holdings that adopted the FAO AGRISurvey and 50x2030 Agricultural Survey Programme. This contributed to enlarging the scope of the national agricultural surveys in the country and improve the quality of the data produced, thus increasing the relevance and utility of the results towards informing national agricultural policies and programs.  Release of the official estimates on SDG indicator 2.4.1 is forthcoming.

The key findings of the 2021 Survey of Agricultural Holdings were presented during a dissemination workshop in Tbilisi attended by government officials, partners, representatives of farmer and sub-sectoral organisations, media, and academia. The workshop provided an opportunity for data users to be familiar with the variety of agricultural statistics and resources available through the Geostat data portals.  It further reinforces partnership and links between data users and data producers to ensure the highest quality standards of statistics that meet the needs of data users.

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