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50x2030 Site Showcases Outputs, Country Progress and Impact

In recent months, the 50x2030 Initiative has evolved 50x2030.org to serve as a more effective resource for our various audiences. The purpose of the website is to be a source of information about the Initiative and present the outputs and impacts achieved thus far in close partnership with country leaders, implementation partners and donors. These recent changes support in fulfilling this purpose and better align 50x2030.org to broader communications objectives for FY23.

A section dedicated to work achieved to-date in individual countries has been added. Each page features context and background of our partnership, recent news, and available outputs and datasets produced in conjunction with the 50x2030 Initiative. Country progress will be continuously updated and expanded upon as milestones are reached.

A more extensive archive of Initiative outputs is featured as well. These additions include country microdata sets produced with support from the 50x2030 Data Production Component, knowledge products developed by the 50x2030 Methods & Tools Component, and historical Research Competition papers and policy briefs produced by country research teams as orchestrated by the 50x2030 Data Use Component. These outputs can be found within the Resources section of the website as well as on country-specific pages when available.

Lastly, the 50x2030 Initiative has achieved significant impact in partner countries, as highlighted by the many KPIs and metrics associated with program progress. These impacts are displayed in a new section featuring overall Key Achievements, as well as successes related to Data Use in policy development.

Please visit 50x2030.org to view these changes and to learn more about the global impact of the 50x2030 Initiative in closing the agricultural data gap to increase food security, improve rural livelihoods and mitigate the impacts of climate change.