50x2030 Partnership Council names new chair

José Rosero Moncayo, Director of the Statistics Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), was elected as the new chair of the 50x2030 Partnership Council at the 28 September meeting of the group. Rosero Moncayo’s appointment is for one year, renewable up to three years.

At the 28 September gathering, outgoing Chair Haishan Fu, Director of the World Bank's Development Data Group, said: ”I have been grateful and humbled for your trust in having me as the chair for the past 2 plus years. It has been an incredible experience, seeing how this new Initiative is breaking ground creating a new partnership approach both from the donor side and on the implementing agency side to support the improvement of rural and agricultural statistics in support of the SDGs.”

Fu had served as chair of the Council since the Initiative’s inception in July 2019. Under her leadership the Council approved two programs of work and saw US$43.2 million in donor partner funds raised or earmarked for activities across all three pillars of the program: data production, methods and tools development and data use.

Upon confirmation of his appointment, Rosero Moncayo first thanked Fu for the leadership that she has provided during these first steps of the Initiative.

He continued: “This is going to be an interesting year. And my role as chair is to facilitate the work of the Program Management Team and all of the implementing partners. I will provide everything that is needed to make this Initiative a success and change the way we promote and use data to the benefit of the most vulnerable countries and the most vulnerable people. Thank you again for the nomination. I am at your service.”

The 50x2030 Partnership Council oversees all activities of the program and is its highest decision-making body. It consists of high-level representatives of donors, partner countries, and the three implementing multi-lateral organizations, FAO, the World Bank, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.