50x2030 launches new series of technical notes for country teams

On 1 September, the 50x2030 Methods & Tools team launched a new series of technical notes that will provide digestible, implementation-focused guidance for data producers and survey practitioners in countries.

These “Technical notes for country teams” will summarize the motivation for specific survey design decisions but focus on providing detailed, practical guidance that can be directly translated into survey design or training efforts. These notes are part of the existing 50x2030 Technical Note series, but rather than providing more overarching guidance on 50x2030 topics of interest, these notes will drill down to the details necessary for implementation of specific elements of data production.

The primary audience for the new notes are 50x2030 national survey teams who will design, oversee and implement survey operations in countries assisted by the 50x2030 Data Production component. The secondary audience will be agricultural survey practitioners at large who intend to use the data collection methodologies adopted by the Initiative.

The first two notes of the series are now available: “Technical Note on Post-Harvest Losses” and the “Technical Note on Non-Standard Units”, both of which guide readers through key elements of the 50x2030 questionnaire instruments related to the measurement of agricultural production and food supply. Both are available for download from the online 50x2030 Document Library. Stay tuned for upcoming notes on measuring agricultural labor and land area.