Government officials seated in discussion

The 50x2030 Initiative Discusses Country Engagement and Data Generation at WFF and CFS

In October 2023, the 50x2030 Initiative attended two major events related to sustainable development and food security: the World Food Forum (WFF) and the Committee on World Food Security (CFS). As a participant of these events, the 50x2030 Initiative engaged with numerous country delegations, donors and development organizations and was an active contributor to conversations around sustainability, economic development, nutrition and food security.

During these events, 50x2030 conducted a series of high-level meetings with country delegations to discuss the development of agricultural data systems as soft infrastructure to support national agriculture transformation agendas and related policies. The country delegations included representatives from both current and prospective participants in the 50x2030 Initiative: Angola, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau Malawi, Tanzania, Togo and Vanuatu.

In discussions with delegations, the 50x2030 Initiative learned more about country-specific national development goals and priorities in order to better tailor programming to meet needs and maximize impact. Following WFF and CFS, the 50x2030 Initiative will be prepared to launch new country partnerships and continue these important conversations on missions in the coming months.

Additionally, several members of the 50x2030 team participated in a side event at CFS called “What it takes: from effective data generation to use to drive better policies and programmes in food security and nutrition.” The event highlighted the importance of data-driven decision-making, collaboration, sustainability and effective communication in addressing nutrition-related challenges and preventing crises. Challenges highlighted include the need for rigorous data, improved communication with policymakers, better coping with shocks using early indicators and integrating data investment into national budgets. 

The CFS side event also underscored that cooperation efforts should be tailored and country-driven, because such efforts are responsive to evolving needs and opportunities. Emphasis was placed on the importance of national ownership of data systems and continuous partnership of international organizations with countries to ensure usefulness of data for policy decisions.

Click here to view a recording of the CFS side event.